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Being Ongoing Training

All there is, is Being. Life itself is wondrous miracle. Only humans have learned to pretend it is anything else. ‘You’ are light, boundless freedom. Live it.

Unbounded Aliveness

'You' are unbounded aliveness, 'you' are utter stillness, 'you' are everything, 'you' are No-thing, 'you' are all that is, 'you' are the essence, the source of all. Secret Garden has nothing to offer the personality. There are no ‘solutions’ to the whirligig of pleasure & pain & perceived problems of relationship, work, health, money, except
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Ineffable Love

Realisation of the unconditional love of Being is not a new age 'love and light' fluffiness and denial of 'reality'. Wholeness is unconditional love because it allows the play of everything. This makes it possible to embrace pain and all the shadows of shame, fear, guilt and rage fully. This is how healing and awakening
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A Glimpse into a Circle

This is a touching video of two women voicing the life that moved for them in a short Joyful Loving structure. Circles are always unique and are highly experiential-they are about YOU, your freedom to live the fullness of being, ecologically and sustainably, in your chosen life. Women and men flourish and blossom when they
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Awakening to Being, the deepest invitation of falling in love

Maytime….delicious abundance and vitality abound and Karen asked me in a blog comment to write about falling in love and relationship…... The word ‘relationship’ implies the negotiation between two or more separate identities, two or more different perspectives. Your being in its purity, is not, cannot be, in relationship with another as infinity, being, knows no separation,
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Celebrate Yes and No

Allowing your yes and no fully, moment by moment, improves relating & deepens intimacy.

Cheltenham talk 3 – shift into sensitivity & transparency

Dropping Sensitivity Transparency Showing up in our human Vulnerability does its own healing & creates intimacy The mind fears an endless ocean of endless unpredictability Do you know how to make intimacy and connection happen in your life?

Cheltenham talk 1 Intimacy

An invitation to the depths How personality resists & defends against it A meeting of two nobodies There is love or there is fear in embodied experience on the planet Beyond time Intimacy is to not know anything