Being allows everything

Beyond experiences, what is apparently happening, beyond emotions & judgements, is space, no-thing, in its endless expression of what is, vastness. The unconditional receiver of all the stories, that which allows everything to be exactly as it is, the Love that dissolves all problems. ‘You’ are that boundless freedom. Just allow the let go of pretending to be someone & there it is. Nothing else can be known.


There is no meeting point

…between ‘healing the story’ or being a certain way-accepting, forgiving, aligning with one’s ancestry – and the wonder of being. There can be great confusion in the ‘spiritual marketplace’ about this and in Secret Garden these delusions dissolve. In the Most Intimate events, Joy exposes that which is harmlessly misleading at the heart of most non-dual offering. Any sense of a separate self being able to do anything, or of prescriptive approaches, or ‘approaching wholeness’, is cleanly absent. Freedom is.


Your Awakeness and Embodiment

In Joyful Loving and Essence events, it is acknowledged that the separate, conditioned self appears in the dream, and suffering and longing appear real. Deep exploration is facilitated and liberated being is offered in a grounded way, so that the apparent story of a separate self is easier, more fulfilling, to live. There is exploration of the fulfilment of human beingness, in the story. The ‘approach’ is a sensing, feeling, seeing & listening to all that is apparently happening in the moment & the intelligence of life plays immaculately and sometimes surprisingly. Non-doing rather than controlling what is happening with an agenda allows apparent healing & revelation of the wholeness beyond the appearance of form, identity and role, the wondrous gift of life itself.


Here’s what you can do…

Secret Garden is at the leading edge of our evolving humanity, & the circles, trainings & sessions are for you if you are wishing for nourishment, for connection, for your power, your freedom, maybe for tender space to heal your heart, support in transition or to enquire about a question about life, relating or spiritual awakening. It is for you if you value love & truth, celebration of soul & enjoy good company! Find out what’s coming nextwhy it matters to youwho we are

There is no separation. Your awareness of that is the only solution


How you too can dance the magnificence of man & woman. Knowing there is no separation, no separate ‘me,’ is THE KEY, beingness is the only answer

What you say

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Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Joy Hicklin-Bailey is expert in facilitating breakthroughs in consciousness & intimate relating for singles & couples. You can experience the power of her gatherings,  which comes from the energetic, a dedication since childhood to love & truth, soon in Joyful Living and Joyful Loving events, in which you can explore the themes of life, beingness, service, sexuality, intimacy & relating & awaken to the Love in all things. Discover how the energetics of Secret Garden awaken you into life beyond separation, beyond unfulfilled longing, beyond suffering. Joy is writing a book with the working title Joyful Loving – How You Can Live Awakened Intimacy & Open the Gateway to your true nature. Nothing is more important to us than those we meet in this Garden. Without you, we couldn’t enjoy sharing the joy and wonder of life, and human beingness in the circles we love to be in. Thanks for being here. We love our participants & private clients, and, thankfully, they love our work and love what they discover through it.

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